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Watch: Jim Gardner interrupts Cecily Tynan’s forecast with search for missing earring on 6ABC

When it comes to finding missing jewelry, Jim Gardner is a man of action.

When it comes to finding missing jewelry, Jim Gardner is a man of action.

Even if, as he proved on Monday night, he has to interrupt a live broadcast to do it.

As video posted to social media shows, meteorologist Cecily Tynan unfortunately lost an earring during her live seven-day forecast inthe 6 p.m. broadcast Monday. Dismayed, Tynan told viewers she "really liked that earring," and hoped she "didn't lose that."

And she didn't, thanks to Gardner, who showed up hunched over in the background of Tynan's Memorial Day weekend forecast, searching intently for the lost accessory. Tynan cracked up, but managed to pull it back together with her earring in hand.

"He's such a team player," Tynan said. "That was, like, my favorite moment ever on Action News."

The blooper is a rare one for Gardner, who celebrates 40 years at 6ABC this month. He joined the station way back in 1976 as a reporter and anchor for the Action News at Noon broadcast, and was moved to the 6 and 11 p.m. time slots in 1977, according to the 6ABC website.

6ABC marked Gardner's 40th anniversary at the network last week with a tribute video featuring narration from Tynan, past clips, and well-wishes from colleagues and celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel:

"There's a lot of fake news out there these days. So much fake news. But one man has always given it to us straight," Kimmel said of Gardner. "Jim has the gravitas of Walter Cronkite, the tenacity of Ted Koppel, and the mustache of Ron Burgundy. All the greats wrapped up into one."