Okay, look, it's not a crime against democracy or a violation of constitutional rights but it is a great example of Pennsylvania's old and silly liquor laws.

Bloomberg News reports that the case of a Philly area lawyer and wine-lover who got caught (the horror!) of buying and selling fine wine from his Malvern home will likely result in destruction of 2,400-plus bottles of wine with an estimated worth of at least $125,000.

The lawyer, Arthur Goldman, was charged earlier this year with reselling primo vino (and thank the Lord our state law enforcement resources are focused on such threats to society) because Pennsylvania is one of only two states (Utah being the other) that thinks Prohibition never was lifted.

The Inky reported in August that Goldman agreed to two years probation and community service for violating state liquor law including a ban against having wineries shipping directly to one's home.

We have such laws because our Legislature (in so many ways) lives a gangster era.

Anyway, Bloomberg now says since the bootlegged booty falls under the mandates of our antiquated liquor code there are only two options: pour it down a sink or give to a hospital.

(I don't know, maybe doctors and nurses wrote part of the liquor code.)

There is still a chance the wine could be saved. Goldman is asking for a state hearing on the issue. And guess who gets to decide? State Attorney General Kathleen Kane who, given her recent run of headaches, might opt for some personal use of the product.

I'd note other forfeited items -- vehicles, drug money, gemstones, other ill-gotten gains -- can be used to fund law enforcement or given to charities.

Why not, assuming the wine hasn't gone bad sitting in an evidence room for most the year, allow for sales or auctions in this case and any others like it?

Oh, and change the law to allow people who like fine wine to have it shipped to their homes.

I mean, come on, Pennsylvania has enough stupid.