I feel certain you'll be shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that the state's long-touted, long-"working" bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission has failed to meet a deadline imposed by law a year ago.

With its report on how to make state school spending fairer to all school districts (read: especially Philadelphia) due today, June 10, the commission yesterday issued a statement at 5:25 p.m. saying, yeah, well, we're not going to make that deadline so we're extending it another week.


Then again, what's the hurry? What happens to you if you miss deadlines? Anything? Ever? Maybe pay a penalty? Maybe get an "F?"

Too late. The U.S. Department of Education already says Pennsylvania is the worst state in the nation in terms of spending for poorer students. The worst.

Philly schools are struggling yet again to find funds for even basic needs. City Council twiddles its thumbs. And the Legislature, well, the Legislature has its thumbs somewhere that would make twiddling them difficult.

And yet this 15-member commission of lawmakers from both parties and top officials from the Wolf administration, co-chaired by GOP Sen. Pat Browne (recently released from the hospital after crashing his motorcycle and being charged with DUI -- his third such charge since the 1990's) and GOP Rep. Mike Vereb, needs more time.

And then, even if the commission makes recommendations its members can agree upon and that actually could move the state out of its worst-in-the-nation bog, it takes action by the Legislature.

I think you know how efficiently, timely and effectively our Legislature gets things done.

So what's another week? Or more? What's a missed deadline? Is there really any danger public trust and confidence in our state leaders could get any lower?