More than a week after Gov. Corbett suggested that one reason for the state's high unemployment rate is that some of the unemployed are high, both sides of the argument continue to beat the drum.

The campaign of Allyson Schwartz released a cleverly-concocted YouTube video titled "Excuses" making fun of Corbett's comments. It includes an MSNBC clip of Chris Matthews weighing in, and ends saying "we're not high" but under Corbett job creation is "low."

You can see it here.

Meanwhile, again more than a week after the fact, Corbett supporters from the biz world, were to host a conference call for reporters on Thursday afternoon to discuss "workforce challenges" facing employers.

Call participants were to include: Gene Barr, president of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry; Dave Patti, president of the Pennsylvania Business Council; and Dave Taylor, executive director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association.

"The governor raised a legitimate concern in referencing the frustration experienced by many employers in finding candidates who are able to pass background checks, including drug screenings, which for liability reasons, are a must for certain industry sectors," Barr said in a statement announcing the call, "We often hear this and other related concerns from the businesses we collectively represent."

"The furor over the governor's comments," he said, "opens the door for a broader conversation."

That might well be a valid point. I just wonder (a) why it wasn't immediately and forcefully made by the governor and/or his staff, and (b) why it took so long for biz guys to step up to the plate?