Come on, you just knew it was going to happen.

You just knew when that porn-at-work thing in the Office of Attorney General broke in September there were other state employees taking deep breaths (and not from excitement) while trying to scrub their email in-boxes and sent items.

So now, of course, we've got another state agency where workers have been reprimanded and in some cases suspended for trading porn at work on government computers.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that an internal investigation at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission found up to a dozen employees sent or received explicit emails.

No details other than, according to pike CEO Mark Compton, none of those caught were senior-level workers.

No doubt senior-level workers were too busy fending off pay-to-play charges. And they did so pretty effectively. Last week, the last of pike execs charged pleaded guilty in exchange for probation and community service.

The pike's porn hit comes after Attorney General Kathleen Kane released data on porn in her agency that led to the fall of a state cabinet member, a state Supreme Court Justice and others.

Then two weeks ago, 61 A.G. workers were disciplined: six were fired, two resigned, 11 were suspended and the rest were reprimanded or ordered to take sensitivity training, according to the newspaper.

I feel certain this wraps up all porn stuff. I mean you don't think it's possible there's any place else in government where workers ever porn-surfed -- do you?