So I run into Jared Solomon on JFK Blvd. near 17th and he says, "why aren't you writing about our race?"

Solomon, a Northeast Philly native, is a Swarthmore College and Villanova Law School grad, a community activist and Army Reserve officer who's running againt veteran state House Democratic incumbent Mark Cohen in the May 20 primary.

And when I say Cohen's a veteran, I mean a veteran in the sense that nobody in the 253-member Legislature has been in office longer. He was elected in 1974. He's best known for legally using the perks of office at staggering rates.

Well, Solomon now is launching two TV ads aimed at ending Cohen's long run.

The first, called "Standing Up," is a positive bio spot full of a smiling Solomon walking the district with evident admirers as a narrator explains "he's the change the northeast needs."

You can watch it here. (Just hit the redo sign at the bottom left of the video box.)

But the second spot could be bad news for Cohen.

Titled "Poster Boy," it features what best can be called unflattered photos of Cohen as a narrator calls Cohen the poster boy for "everything wrong" with Harrisburg.

It notes Cohen voted for, took and refused to return the 2005 late-night pay grab; used taxpayer money to build a personal library and pay the mortgage on a second house, and is regularly cited as "one of the worst abusers" of expense allowances.

The ad ends noting that while many Northeast constituents have been suffering, Cohen's been "ripping off" taxpayers.

You can watch "Poster Boy" here.

Solomon's campaign says the ads start airing this week on both cable and network TV in the Philly market.

In many past elections, Cohen ran for reeelction without opposition. That's clearly not the case this year.