Many Philadelphians already know this; others might be surprised.

A new ranking of American cities on the basis of hunger, poverty, unemployment, homelessness and more puts the city near the top in overall need.

The finance research group WalletHub, using data from the federal government and non-profit national aid groups, ranked the 150 largest cities from best to worst. Philly is ranked 130th.

That rankings puts the city lower than any of the nation's 10 biggest cities. Only LA comes close with a ranking of 123.

The other big cities and their rankings are: New York (90); Chicago (92); Houston (82); Phoenix (87); San Antonio (66); San Diego (33); Dallas (62); and San Jose (20).

The only other Pennsylvania city ranked is Pittsburgh. It placed 49th.

This vast difference between Philly and Pittsburgh might help explain why there's always an east-west divide in our state Legislature when it comes to voting for and delivering funds for social services.

And more bad news: Philadelphia, in the sub-category of "food insecurity" (hunger), ranked 148th, ahead of only New Orleans and Augusta, Georgia.

Detroit is ranked the overall neediest city in the county. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, ranks least in need.

You can see the full list of cities and read about the methodology used for the rankings here.

So maybe as Philly candidates running for mayor in 2015 cotton up to the same old union leaders and woo the usual campaign donors they ought to focus on new approaches to attack the needs of a city ranked among the neediest in the nation.