(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Know what really galls me?

BE: Just about everything?

JB: Well, yeah, but I mean specificially today.

BE: I have a feeling I'm going to find out.

JB: The abject failure of Congress' so-called super committee, that collection of 12 lawmakers allegedly working on ways to fix Washington.

BE: Looks like a flop, huh?

JB: And what a shocker. Like anybody expected anything different. The committee is yet another example of how well-paid, well-perked Washington uses our money to play us for fools.

BE: And yet we keep re-electing them.

JB: Take our own Senator and committee member Pat Toomey, please.

BE: He seems like a level-headed conservative.

JB: He seems like another politician using his position on the committee to get tons of national media attention without producing any results.

BE: He was on CBS's "Face the Nation" yesterday.

JB: Yeah, and when moderator Bob Schieffer asked why the committee can't get anything done since "everybody in America knows something has to be done," what did Toomey say?

BE: I didn't write it down.

JB: I did. He said, "It's been very frustrating for me." Frustrating for HIM! Think HE'S lost any health benefits or taken a salary cut or faced furlough or ....

BE: I get your point.

JB: And then, then he tosses out mealy-mouthed offerings such as, oh, well, there's still time and if this happens or if that happens we can still make some progress. I had to resist sticking a finger down my throat!

BE: And didn't Schieffer come back with something folksy?

JB: Yeah, because at least one person on the set had sense, Schieffer showed his Texas roots in mocking all Toomey's "ifs" by drawling, "If the dog hadn't stopped to make a phone call he'd have caught the rabbit."

BE: I like that guy.

JB: Same here, but I am soooo sick of the Washington live-in-a-bubble electeds who feed off the rest of us and pontificate about serving the American people when all they are doing is taking our money and playing us for fools.

BE: You forgot something.

JB: Oh, right. GRRRR!