Probably as partial residual of this year's presidential campaign new polling on the "fiscal cliff" shows more voters approve of President Obama's stance than that of Speaker Boehner.

Gotta be that branding thing. Republicans still, I guess, don't get it.

A Washngton Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday says 47% of registered voters approve of Obama's handling of "cliff" negotiations so far, while only 24% of voters approve of Boehner's performance.

The two continue to play reindeer games while CNN and others offer breathless reports about phone calls, new offers and counter offers with no details and no apparent real movement.

Still, the Post poll is interesting for a couple of reasons.

It shows that Obama holds a 79% approval rating among Democrats while Boehner's approval rating among Republicans is only 39%. And among Independents, Obama has 42% support as opposed to Boehner's 24%.

This seems to suggest that if Republican officeholders haven't yet gotten the message that a majority of Americans like the president's plan to increase taxes on the wealthy (exit polling last month showed 60% approve of hiking tax rates) most everybody else, including members of their own party, have.

You can see details of the Post poll here.

I, of course, think this whole "cliff" thing is yet another soap opera played out by and for the insidious political insiders who over-dramatize every issue and/or problem the country faces because they have no life outside the DC beltway.

But maybe that's me.

Point is folks wants some leadership and resolution and still think the guy they twice elected president is better at directing stuff than anybody else currently in the mix. That and the clear suggestion Republicans might want to get on board.