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The Donald & The Sarah

Would have been fun to overhear dinner chat twixt Trump & Palin, but maybe they picked the wrong place to dine.

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Would have been fun to eavesdrop on the chat between The Donald and the Sarah last evening in New York.

BE: Yeah, coulda grabbed a slice and pulled a chair there at Famigilia's on Broadway & 50th and maybe take some notes while they ate their pizza.

JB: I'm surprised they didn't invite Newt.

BE: He was probably uptown a bit. Tiffany's flagship store's at 57th & Fifth Ave.

JB: Good point.

BE: You think Sarah told Donald she's pulling a bigger ruse than he did in pretending to run for president?

JB: Could be. But maybe she was looking for some advice on how to smoke Obama out the way The Donald did on the long-form birth certificate.

BE: I can hear him: "Sarah, I'm sure he's a Muslim."

JB: But then maybe she was just asking for money.

BE: Or suggestions for hair conditioner. Wonder what they had for dessert.

JB: Probably went our for some chocolate moose.

BE: I saw that he took her to Trump Tower. His "apartment" is the top three floors.

JB: Great. She coulda looked for Russia.

BE: I liked the choice of a place to eat: people-oriented, low-key, common man, very casual, just pizza.

JB: I think it was big mistake.

BE: What? Why?

JB: Census data. The census last week put out numbers showing the Hispanic population exploding, growing at a rate faster than any other demographic. Number one county in the U.S. in percentage of growth? Luzerne County. They're gonna have rename the county seat from Wilkes-Barre to Wilkes-Barrio. Anyway, the demographic surge nationally is certain to impact the 2012 elections.

BE: Yeah, so?

JB: They shoulda gone to Guantanamera over on 8th Avenue and ordered up some empanadas.

BE: I don't think The Donald or The Sarah are big on empathy. Didn't they make fun of Obama for his remark back in `09 that he wanted a Supreme Court nominee who was "empathetic?"

JB: First of all, an empanada is a Spanish or Latino pastry, baked or fried, filled with goodies. Nothing to do with empathy. Second, who did Obama nominate after making that remark?

BE: Sonia Sotomayor, the nation's first Latino justice.

JB: You betcha.

BE: So Sarah should back up the bus and head to Spanish Harlem.

JB: Si. Or over to Guantanamera on 8th. I hear its Grrrr...I mean bueno.

BE: Say hasta la vista, JB.

JB: Hasta la vista, JB.