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The would-be-mayors' money

Info on mayoral candidates' tax returns sure make for fun and interesting reading.

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a/k/a BE)

JB: Chief, didya see that wonderful Inky report on mayoral candidates' tax returns?

BE: What's more fun than rooting around in pols' private lives?

JB: Watching pols' perp walks?

BE: Yeah, but that gets old. I NEVER tire of foraging through finances.

JB: So let's do. How about Lynne Abraham's $165,896 from pensions and annuities, including a city pension of $107,091?

BE: Hey, put in time, collect a dime.

JB: Yeah, or a 100-K-plus.

BE: And Nelson Diaz's take from serving on boards? Like $94,948 from Exelon?

JB: As Montgomery Burns might say, "eggscelllont." But then energy giant Exelon had 2014 revenue topping $24 billion so, you know, it's nice they spread it around.

BE: I also liked Jim Kenney collecting $42,000 for service on the Independence Blue Cross board.

JB: Health care's important.

BE: So's income. Like Doug Oliver's reported $169,771 from PGW where he was its spokesman.

JB: Seems like a lotta cash just to talk about gas.

BE: My favorite though? Tony Williams' wife picking up $112,700 as a community out-reacher for the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

JB: What, like Frances McDormand in the 2012 film "Promised Land?"

BE: Maybe natural gas drillers wanna put up rigs in Fairmount Park. Or along the waterfront. Or at Eastern State Prison.

JB: Hey, speaking of prison what about Milton Street's finances?

BE: He did his time. But now he's too busy running his campaign to comply with a request.for tax returns. His campaign manager says maybe after April 15.

JB: Something to look forward to.