Andy Reid is amid a difficult season that includes the death of his oldest son, Garrett, in August. That tragedy is more significant than anything that has occurred during the Eagles' 4-10 season. But Reid emphasized on Friday that the Eagles' struggles have nothing to do with his son's death and how it's weighed on him.

"That's not the reason the season is going the way the season is going," Reid said. "You handle your personal things separate. Nobody wants to lose a son. That's obvious. But that has nothing to do with how the season has gone."

Reid has coached in every game this season, including the preseason four days after Garrett Reid's death.

On a different topic, here is the news to come out of Reid's news conference on Friday:

**LeSean McCoy has not yet gone to an independent neurologist, which is the final step in getting cleared to play. He will go on Tuesday, after Monday's practice.

**Reid does not yet know whether Vick will be active for the final two games.

**Reid said "you can say" that Anderson earned a spot to keep a starting safety spot even when Kurt Coleman returns.

**On the blocked punt in the first quarter, Marvin McNutt was beat and Ryan Rau was not on the field, but did not get there. Rau had remained with the defense and did not run onto the field for special teams. "Rookie mistake," Reid said.

**On the personal foul penalty for the Eagles shouting disconcerting signals during a Bengals' field goal, Reid said the officials told him that one player on the Eagles said, "set."

"The problem is we jumped," Reid said. "I was trying to put that together how we said set, and we jumped. Wasn't sure how thay worked."

Here's a video report on Reid's press conference from The Inquirer's Jeff McLane.