Cinedelphia 2014, a truly alternative film festival, officially begins Friday, April 4 – running through April 29th, but on Tuesday, April Fool's Day, there'll be a free multimedia preview event – with free pizza, too – to help befuddled filmgoers figure their way through the maze of live music, burlesque, video, film and whatever's in store. Here are just a few highlights:

Life of Pia (April 11), a comedic celebration of the '80s Golden Globe winner, Dubonnet spokesmodel and pop cult icon, Pia Zadora .

7 Faces of Dr. Lao (April 12), a free screening of the 1964 George Pal-directed  fantasy, with Tony Randall in a truly multi-faceted turn a a circus maestro, and as Merlin, Apolloniius, a giant serpent,  the Abominable Snowman, Pan and Medusa. With I Dream of Jeannie's Barbara Eden along for the ride.

Filmadelphia: The Sequel (April 13), in which Irv Slifkin, author of Filmadelphia: A Celebration of a City's Movies, examines a wealth of indigenous City of Brotherly Love screen endeavors, big and small, old and new(-ish).

The Shining -- Projected Forwards and Backwards (April 23). Inspired by the cineastic deconstruction Room 237,  Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror opus is simultaneously screened frontwards and backwards, with overlapping images revealing unsettling currents of meaning – and with a live score from Philly's Psychic Teens.

The Late Orson Welles (April 24). Herb Shellenberger examines the not-so-luminous sunset years career of the Citizen Kane mastermind, shilling wine and showing up in incongruous and corpulent cameos.

Trick Baby

(April 25). Speaking of Filmadelphia, the corner of 11


and Spruce never looked so grungy as it does in

Larry Yust's

1972 blaxploitation rarity, with

Mel Stewart


Kiel Martin

as con artists running all around a decidedly dirtier, grittier, Rizzo-era town. (Martin’s character’s name: “White Folks”)

All CFF events are help at PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th Street. For a full schedule of screenings and shows, and detailed info, click here. Admission for all programs is $10 unless otherwise noted.