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Curt Schilling stuns Fox host with defense of Trump's comments about a young girl

Curt Schilling's control isn't what it used to be.

The former Phillies ace appeared on Fox Business' The Intelligence Report on Thursday, eager to defend Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has been reeling since many of his past lewd comments about women and his alleged behavior toward some of them became public.

Host Trish Reagan, hopeful to get Schilling's response on Trump's "locker-room" talk, must have been surprised when the World Series champ immediately shifted the conversation to discuss newly re-published footage of Trump in 1992 talking to a 10-year-old beauty pageant contestant at Trump Tower and bragging, "I am going to be dating her in 10 years." Trump would have been 46-years-old at the time of the video.

"The conversation you're having about the things he said about the 10-year-old girl, to me, is at the very heart of why this is a problem," Schilling said. "How many times — and I have three boys and a daughter — how many times have you looked at a young man and said, 'Wow, is he going to be, he's a beautiful young man. Wow, he's a gorgeous young man,' and that man was 12, 13, 14, 15?"

"I'll be honest, Curt. Zero," a confused Trish Regan responded.

"Now, see, that's a lie," Schilling immediately shot back, blasting the Fox Business host. "There's no way you haven't seen someone else's son and said, 'Wow, he's beautiful.' "

"And thought I'd going to be dating him? In 10 ― no, sorry. You're alone on this one," Regan said.

"He's joking about, 'Well, when she gets older I'm going to date her.' I mean, how do you get from there to being revolted and disgusted?" Schilling asked, apparently not considering the possibility that Trump was suggesting a romantic relationship once the girl was of legal age.

"I don't look at a young boy and say, 'In 10 years, I'm going to date him.' I just don't," an increasingly confused Reagan threw back. "I think that would be pretty sad if I did."

Schilling's defense of Trump's comments is odd, considering the former pitcher has been a staunch defender of his own daughter after trolls sent sexually suggestive tweets to his @gehrig38 account about her.

But the interview got even weirder when Reagan asked if Schilling looks at young girls and thought about dating them when they became old enough.

"I have a daughter, my daughter has friends. I've seen my daughter's friends, I'm a man. 'Wow, she's a beautiful young lady.' I don't immediately jump to molesting her."

It didn't take long after the 2 p.m. interview for Schilling to jump on Twitter in an attempt to do damage control: