Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who headed the federal Environmental Protection Agency during President George W. Bush's first term, is blasting Donald Trump's choice to run the agency.

"I don't recall ever having seen an appointment of someone who is so disdainful of the agency and the science behind what the agency does," Whitman said of Scott Pruitt in an interview with, an environmental news outlet.

Whitman, who was EPA administrator from 2001 to 2003 and resigned after public conflicts with the Bush administration, said the choice of Pruitt "doesn't put us in a good place, in my mind."

"And he's going to have trouble within the agency if he does convey that kind of disdain to the career staff," said Whitman, a Republican who said she voted for Hillary Clinton this year.

Pruitt, as Oklahoma's attorney general, has had a close relationship with the state's gas and oil industry and has sued the EPA more than a dozen times in five years.

"He obviously doesn't care much for the agency or any of the regulations it has promulgated," Whitman said. "He doesn't believe in climate change; he wants to roll back the Clean Power Plan."