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Howard Dean wonders, again, whether Donald Trump uses cocaine

Twice in the last two days, ex-Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has suggested a possible explanation for Donald Trump's case of the sniffles at Monday night's presidential debate.

He first floated the question on Twitter as Hillary Clinton and Trump squared off in the first of three scheduled presidential debates.

And then on Tuesday afternoon, the former presidential hopeful and licensed medical doctor expanded on his comments in an interview with MSNBC's Kate Snow.

Trump has routinely pointed to his brother's 1981 death from alcoholism for his decision to stay away from drugs and alcohol for the majority of his adult life.

While Dean said he would never make a diagnosis over television, he said that sniffles like of the sort picked up repeatedly by Trump's microphone are "a signature of people who use cocaine."

Dean quickly added: "I'm not suggesting that Trump does, but—"

"Well," Snow interrupted, "you are suggesting it, actually, in a Tweet."

"No," Dean said, "I'm suggesting we think about it."

Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, spoke with Snow afterward and brushed off Dean's suggestion.  "I have to wonder where Dr. Dean went to medical school to ask a question like that."

Full interview is included below: