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Jim Gaffigan made a Philly-Santa joke

Comedian Jim Gaffigan made a joke during the World Meeting of Families celebration on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Saturday night, referencing the 1968 incident in which Philadelphians threw snow balls at Santa Claus, aka Frank Olivo (who passed away earlier this year).

"Philadelphia really stepping up. An amazing event they're hosting here and you know, Philadelphia loves the Pope. It's amazing," Gaffigan said. "I wasn't worried that Philadelphia wasn't going to love the Pope, but let's just say Philadelphia was not too nice to Santa Claus. So….are they booing me or Santa Claus? The Santa Claus…it stays. There's still problems with Santa Claus."

Gaffigan took the stage as Pope Francis was parading through Center City.

It did not go over well with Philadelphians.

Perhaps, that sentiment invaded the rest of the set: