Last week, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams filed financial disclosures that included $160,000 in high-value gifts from friends.

Those gifts over the past five years included $45,000 in roofing and home improvements, $10,000 in cash and $20,000 in airfare and lodgings.  Yesterday, Williams took responsibility for failing to disclose the gifts.

But it struck us that his friends are far more generous than say, our friends, or the friends of most people we know.  To find out, we asked a handful of notable Philadelphians: "What's the most expensive gift you've ever gotten from a friend?"

Actually, some of our local notables have pretty good friends when it comes to gift giving. And, at least one found a generous stranger.


Sarah Baickerco-host of Breakfast on Broad

GIFT: $1,650 Tiffany ring

ABOUT: The ring was, by far, the most expensive gift ever given to me by a friend. Obviously, a very generous friend!

He'd bet me I would land the job on BOB, and said when I did he'd buy me a piece of jewelry to wear on the show every day.

Well, obviously, I got the job, and I wear the ring just about every day.

Gift: Leather jacket from Joan Jett

About: I come from FM rock 'n' roll radio, so the best we ever got over the years was marijuana. But Joan Jett and I are very close friends. As they say in the business, I "broke" her. Everyone in her band had these killer leather motorcycle jackets. They were custom-made at this place in London, and after her record had broken over the world, she came back and gifted me one. I still have it to this day. It doesn't fit anymore, but I have it. It's a Lewis of London double Bronx. It has two zippers, so if it's cold and you're wearing a sweater, you could go to the outer zipper and still zip it up. It would have been a few hundred bucks.


Glen Macnow, sports talk personality, Conshohocken Brewing Co. investor

GIFT: Signed Satchel Paige postcard

ABOUT: I guess this is extravagant. About 10 years, I'm doing a show at Chickie's & Pete's where we've been doing shows since forever. A guy comes up to me with a notebook, and says, "I know you like baseball cards."

He gave me this notebook full of these postcards signed by the players. Ted Lepcio, he's a scrub player from back in the day. I look at Ferris Fain, I think he played for the Philadelphia A's. Doesn't have a lot of value.

I thanked him. I went home, and opened it and there's Ted Kluszewski. He's good. And then there's Satchel Paige. I thought it was one of those pre-printed autograph things. But I took it to a place and they said it was a fresh autograph and it appears not to be a forgery. The guy at the store says it's about $500.

I felt kind of funny about it because I don't know if the guy knew what he had.

A couple shows after that, I said something about it on the air in case he wanted it back. I never heard from him again. I still have it. I wouldn't sell it or cash it in because it's Satchel Paige. If I saw the guy again, I would give it back to him, but 10 years later I have an autographed Satchel Paige postcard.


Jerry Blavat, disc jockey, Geator with the Heater

GIFT: Love - and a Mercedes

ABOUT: The gift of love from the audience that is out there. That's the most expensive gift I've ever received. As far as material things, I can't think of anything!

The most expensive gift? Probably, when I think back, the Mercedes that once belonged to [heavyweight boxing champ] Larry Holmes. He did not like it. It was a 500 EL. He is such a big guy and it was the German model, called the Grey Car. When he got it, he was too big.

He said "This car cost me $30,000." He said, at this point, you could sell it for $50,000. That was 1983. He was at the Golden Nugget, there was an appearance there. He had eight cars! When I went over to see him, he said, "I hate this car, I can't drive it."

I wound up keeping the car, and had my daughter drive it, but then you couldn't get parts for it, so I gave it away! This is maybe eight years ago when I got rid of it.


Tony Luke Jr., restaurateur, founder of Tony Luke's

GIFT: Knick-knack worth $100G (oops)

ABOUT: This is a great story! I'm so stupid, it will reinforce how moronic I am as a human being. I received a gift from Paul Rimmeir, he used to own the Rib -It's restaurant chain. You either loved this guy or hated him. He took to me, and mentored me.

He passed away, but before he passed away he gave me this gift. It looked like a little house, with a guy standing under a lamp.  It was beautiful. I remember putting it away, my kids started to play with it, but they completely ripped it up apart.

In my head, I'm thinking "Paul would love this, my kids playing with it." Then I found out later, it was worth $100,000. It was incredibly rare, and my kids went through it, and I'm thinking "Paul would love this." Their joy totally outweighed the cost of the gift.


Casey Foster, "Casey Boy," WMMR's Preston and Steve radio show

GIFT: Caribbean trip

ABOUT: Mine is no fun! My in-laws paid for our honeymoon to St. Lucia. There's nothing sexy there.

They didn't tell us they were paying until we picked it out and booked it. That's probably the most expensive gift.

We're coming up on 13 years now.


Chuck Peruto Jr., lawyer

GIFT: Expensive watch

ABOUT:  I would say a $30,000 watch, but it's got a caveat. The guy was acquitted, he was a drug dealer, and the money was easy-come and easy-go for him.

I accepted it and traded it in because it had diamonds on it and it was too gaudy. I don't have any jewelry except for a watch.

That's what comes to mind, I don't think I could think of anything else if I thought about it for two days.


Tom and Lorenzo, fashion bloggers at

GIFT: Prada loafers, Prada man-bag, about $1,500 a piece.

ABOUT: We dashed off to NYC in 2013 to get married as soon as it was legal to do so and spent a couple days there wining and dining with friends both before and after we got married. After all the hub-bub died down a little, and before we were going to head back home, we decided to treat each other to wedding gifts that we'd have, if not for the rest of our lives, for a long damn time.

So, us being us, we skipped off to the Prada store, where Tom bought Lorenzo a pair of loafers and Lorenzo bought Tom a man-bag. They are each the most expensive gifts either of us have ever received — or bought for someone. And even if they go out of style or fall apart (which isn't likely since all the pieces are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and stored in felt bags), we'll always cherish them for reminding us of that giddy afternoon when we first started calling each other "husband" in a way that was neither ironic nor filled with yearning.

Christopher Wink, editorial director at Technically Media

GIFT: $80 bottle of whiskey

ABOUT: Gosh, I'm not even sure. I can think of an $80 bottle of whiskey a friend got me last fall. But that sounds pretty embarrassingly small right?


Natalie DiDonato, TV personality, VH1's Mob Wives

Gift: Diamond tennis necklace

About: A former boyfriend gave her a diamond tennis necklace in a Chanel bag, well, just because.

"He loved taking me shopping. Since I never asked, he always wanted to do nice things for me."


David A. Miller, owner of D.A.M. Good Boddies Elite Personal Training in East Falls

GIFT: Fishing trip to Costa Rica

ABOUT: It was a client, and the trip was "all expenses paid."

"He's a multi-millionaire so it's no sweat to him but it was a great gesture...Had to be a few grand. Plane ticket, accommodations, food and fishing boat every day. I think we were there five days."

Staff writers Jenice Armstrong and Erica Palan contributed to this report.