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One Mummer's vulgar homophobic slur caught on video

The Mummers Parade is one of Philadelphia’s most enduring traditions, but the 116th installment of this revered New Year’s tradition was marred by a homophobic moment caught on video.

The Mummers Parade, among the country's oldest folk festivals, is one of Philadelphia's most enduring traditions.

But on Friday, the 116th installment of this revered New Year's celebration was marred by a homophobic moment caught on video.

The video, shot by New York Daily News editor Nick Kurczewski, shows a member of the Finnegan New Year's Brigade yelling "F--- the gays!" as he marches along Broad Street (warning: NSFW):

"I find myself, as do many many members of Finnegan NYB, wholeheartedly apologizing for the abrasive, gross and disturbing action of one of our members who, unfortunately, took it upon himself to embarrass us all with his conduct," Finnegan NYB Captain Michael J. Inemer Sr. told in an email, noting the club has banned the individual from all activities and apologize for his actions.

"He took it upon himself to put on a t-shirt that basically made him out of uniform from the rest of the brigade," Inemer wrote. "He was in NO way expressing the sentiments of our proud club."

Finnegan NYB also offended many by centering their act on Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as transgender this year as she transitioned to a woman.

According to NBC10, Finnegan NYB's performance for judges included a man dressed as Bruce Jenner changing into a woman's costume while Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" played in the background. They also held signs mocking Jenner that Nellie Fitzpatrick, the city's Director of LGBT Affairs, called "unacceptable."

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney took to Twitter to decry Finnegan's actions during the parade:

Inemer refused to apologize for the skit, defending it as they type of parody that has enjoyed a long history within the Mummers Parade.

"If our skit was so 'out of line' how come the parade judges themselves awarded us with 70 points and 14th place?" Inemer wrote. "This whole episode seems to point out that folks need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously."

Finnegan NYB also defended themselves from critics on Twitter: