Here's a tip for any merchant hoping to jack up prices during the influx of pilgrms for the papal visit without being noticed

Don't do it where reporters get their morning coffee.

Temple intern Jack Tomczuk noticed his morning Joe cost $3.23 at the Dunkin' Donuts near the offices of The Inquirer, The Daily News and

Jack has made it his mission this morning to wander around seeking other evidence of commercial opportunism.

Jack struck gold at Burger King, where he found a papal visit menu of merely $8 (including tax) for a small fries, bottled water and either a double cheeseburger, an original chicken sandwich (mayo only) and a 10-piece chicken nugget box.

A double cheeseburger, normally $1.69, is going for a healthy $4 -- but, hey, that includes tax.

Apparently the inflation continues inside the festival grounds. Billy Penn reports that a picnic lunch for two is going for $70, courtesy of Aramark. Families get a discount, of course: $125 for four. Those family packs include Tastykakes in a commemorative tin, so there's no telling how much you could score for them afterward on eBay.

Jessica Parks just grabbed lunch - and did a little reporting:

UPDATE: Jack was about to check out for the day when he got a phone call from a Dunkin' Donuts official, hat in hand.

Jack writes:

Ricky Vaughn, director of operations and managing partner for the Dunkin' Donuts franchise, apologized for the "miscommunication."  Vaughn said he didn't get instructions to raise the prices. He personally visited his stores in Center City today to rectify the problem after our initial report.  "I'm going to make sure this doesn't happen again," Vaughn said.