Philly has a lot of pride. We don't take it lightly when someone criticizes our traffic, sports, or hoagies. So if you don't like our city — ahem, voted the No. 3 place to visit in the world last year by The New York Times — you are more than welcome to leave.

Here is what happened when visitors to the Democratic National Convention tried to tell us how to drive:

When they disparaged our food:

That guy's employer, the Tampa Bay Times, reports that he has become a meme. PolitiFact even jumped to our defense on that one -- but still not strongly enough, according to some.

Then there was the guy who hate-tweeted on our hate-tweeting (Note: David Sirota is from Philadelphia, so we'll let this one slide):

When they whined that a city good enough for Pope Francis was not good enough for them:

When they acted like their pee doesn't stink.  (Also, listen buddy, we hate SEPTA and its pay system too, but you wouldn't dare say "quaint" to our faces):

When you get schooled by a Temple University dean:

And at the end of the night, after Hillary Clinton declared Trump unqualified for the nuclear codes because he can be "baited by Twitter," Philly Twitter took a good look in the mirror.