A state game officer shot and killed a bull that escaped from a Kensington slaughterhouse and wandered on I-95 and the Vine Street Expressway before taking an exit ramp to its doom.

Jerry Czech, Wildlife Conservation officer for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, fired three shots from a 12-gauge shotgun to bring down the 2,000-pound bull, which hid in bushes at Eighth and Vine Streets after it exited the expressway.

Police said the bull had escaped while being unloaded at halal slaughterhouse on the 2100 block of North Hancock Street in Kensington. The bull then ran through the neighborhood before getting on the highways.

Czech said the animal posed a threat to traffic and humans and that since it was headed to a slaughterhouse anyway, it did not make sense to capture it alive.

Czech said he was instructed to euthanize the animal due to public safety concerns.

"I generally don't do this, we are wildlife officers," said Czech, an 18-year-veteran. "I shoot deer once in a while, but this is a much bigger deal."

Philadelphia Police Capt. Jack Ryan said the delivery-truck driver would unload the rest of the cattle at the slaughterhouse, and then "come back and get the dead one."