CLEVELAND -- In Cleveland's Public Square, where speakers of various political stripes have come and gone largely without tension for the last two days, one of the far right's most prominent voices and two men calling him "Nazi scum" scuffled briefly in one of the most tense encounters the city has seen during the Republican National Convention.

Jones pushed through the media crush toward a set of steps on the north side of the historic square, reporters backing out of his way. That's when two men waving red flags descended the stairs, shouting, "Off our streets, Nazi scum!" Pushing and shoving ensued. This Inquirer reporter was briefly knocked to the ground but was not injured Jones yelled that the men were attacking him.

And as a small group of protesters moved up the street, a large number of cops and reporters followed.

Around 7 p.m., the crowds had mostly petered out, and police gave them five minutes to clear the intersection.