The Wawa versus Sheetz debate may rage on in our hearts, but one new poll appears to have the matter settled. Sorry, Shorti fans.

Conducted by Public Policy Polling, the survey covered topics ranging from redistricting policies to Pennsylvania's iconic sandwiches. But when it comes to where to get those sandwiches, some 45 percent of Pennsylvanians prefer Sheetz.

Despite its fans apparent cultish devotion, Wawa was the choice for 35 percent of those polled. The remaining 20 percent were not sure which store they preferred.

Among men surveyed for the Wawa vs. Sheetz question, 54 percent preferred Sheetz, compared to 37 percent of women polled.

Self-identifying Democrats and Republicans, meanwhile, agreed, with both parties showing 46 percent in favor of Sheetz. Independents, meanwhile, preferred Wawa, with 42 percent of the vote going to the store compared to Sheetz's 37 percent.

The largest disparity of those polled occurred in the race category. For Sheetz, 50 percent of white people interviewed for the survey preferred Sheetz, compared with just 20 percent for African-Americans. Wawa, meanwhile, was the preference of 57 percent of African-Americans surveyed.

The Altoona-based Sheetz also beat Wawa among all reported age brackets — particularly the 18 to 29 demographic, 61 percent of which went for Sheetz.

Currently, Wawa operates more than 700 stores throughout the East Coast. Sheetz, meanwhile, runs 500. And while this poll may have named Sheetz as Pennsylvania's prefererence, a poll from last year found that Wawa is America's favorite convenience store.

Last month, Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens discussed the future of the company, noting that Sheetz is a "a little bit more flashy," but when it comes to the two companies' relationship, "we're friendly."

"Neither of us have a lot of fun where we compete because they're a tough competitor," Gheysens said.