What a surprise — the man arguably most responsible for marijuana decriminalization in Philadelphia is a big fan of Bob Marley.

That man also happens to be mayor.

Mayor Jim Kenney, on his official mayoral Twitter account, posted a photo of himself holding up a vinyl record of Marley's greatest hits, Legend. The tweet reads: "There's not a bad song on this album."

The tweet seemingly appeared out of nowhere, as previous tweets on the @phillymayor account show Kenney meeting with school principals, which reportedly was the first time a Philadelphia mayor took the time to sit down with principals from around the city.

After a meeting with so many school administrators, who wouldn't want to mellow out with some Marley?

Marley's Legend album was released in 1984 and includes his 10 biggest hits, including "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Buffalo Soldier."  Robert Nesta Marley died three years earlier.