Update: On Nov. 20, another swastika was found scrawled on the inside of a bathroom stall located on the second-floor of McCabe Library, the Daily Gazette reported. The paper reported the swastika was painted over.

On Sept. 2, two swastikas were painted on bathroom doors in a Swarthmore College library, according to college officials.

An email sent out by President Valerie Smith stated that the discovery was made about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when two students "found two swastikas that had been spray-painted on the interior wall of a stall in a second-floor bathroom in McCabe Library and reported this discovery to Public Safety."

According to the email, the graffiti was removed and the incident was also referred to the school's The Bias Response Team for followup.

"This incident is serious and unacceptable, and the perpetrator(s) will face serious disciplinary consequences," Smith said in the email to students and faculty.

"This imagery, indeed any imagery or speech that seeks to threaten individuals or communities based on their religion, sexual orientation, race, disability status, gender, nationality, political views or any other characteristic has no place on our campus and will not be tolerated," Smith stated.

Swarthmore Borough police were not notified of the incident, according to Police Chief Brian Craig. 

The incident has prompted reaction from the campus student body.

An oped piece in the student-run Daily Gazette has received about 50,000 hits, according to co-editor Eduard Saakashvili.

Reaction to their coverage the opinion piece has been "overwhelmingly positive," said Saahashvili. Students and alumni are bothered by the incident and appreciate that the paper has carried it, he said.

Saakashvili said people were expected to talk about the incident Friday at what is known as a collection, an informal gathering in the Quaker tradition.