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The most dangerous Philadelphia intersections in 2015

A Colorado company has analyzed more than 43,000 crash records for 2015 from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to come up with a list of the 150 most dangerous intersections in Philadelphia.

The company took the number of people involved in the crashes, plus the total number of incidents per site, and the injuries and fatalities that occurred to determine a "danger score" and rank for each intersection.

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Grays Avenue and South 49th Street in Southwest Philadelphia topped the list, even with just one crash.

"We gave fatalities the most weight in the formula, with injuries getting the second most weight," wrote Matt Green, a lead strategist for Juris Digital. The company did the work for a local law firm, Lowenthal and Abrams, he said.

The listed intersections account for 772 total crashes involving 2,676 people. They caused 1,252 injuries and 15 fatalities.

The incident at Grays Avenue happened on Christmas Eve 2015 when a stolen car crashed head-on into a trolley, injuring 31 people. One person was killed.

The second most dangerous intersection was East Roosevelt Boulevard and Cottman Avenue in the city's Mayfair section, which had 12 crashes and 19 injuries.

Penn Street and Arrott Street in Northeast Philadelphia, the third most dangerous intersection, was the scene of another fatal crash involving a SEPTA trolley. On Oct. 5, a driver was killed and a passenger critically injured when the car they were riding in rear-ended the trolley.

The fourth most dangerous intersections was Island Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard in the city's Eastwick section, with 10 crashes and 18 injuries.

Rounding out the top five is North Broad Street and Vine Street.  This was also the location with the most number of crashes, 13, according to the study.

The highest number fatalities happened on the Schuylkill Expressway near Montgomery Drive, where one crash claimed the lives of three people after the car burst into flames.