Generations ago, Duck Hunt was the 8-bit game packaged with the original Super Mario Bros. that started as a fun novelty, but as the levels increased in difficulty, resulted in many children and/or less accurate, less well-adjusted adults to be forced to take a timeout from the Nintendo. Nevertheless, it remains a hallowed artifact enshrined in video game history, for which no one with any sort of literacy in the industry would need the preceeding introduction.

There happens to be a team called the "Ducks" playing in the Rose Bowl this year, so you can probably guess where this is going. The Flat Miner Studios took the classic NES title and injected what some would argue it had been missing all this time: a Florida State Seminole bias.

"Ducks Hunt," it's called, and there are three key differences: The ducks are all wearing Oregon outfits, the title screen features a Seminole's lance, and instead of a grinning dog, it features a faceless FSU player, proudly brandishing a duck carcass by the neck.

Sort of a one-two punch for Chip Kelly, who the day after his Eagles end their season preposterously early, is forced to see his former team in Oregon in the crosshairs of chortling internet gamers.

Just kidding. Chip Kelly is deep in his compound by now, rewatching the season frame by frame.