SB Nation's got its hands on details of the current plans for renovating the Pavilion.

Although it's still the case that the arena isn't going to be expanding - as Inquirer columnist Mike Jensen reported earlier this month - it looks as if Villanova will be able to make some noteworthy changes.

If the current plan ends up being executed, the renovated arena's main entrance will move to what is currently the place behind the student section:

That's getting a major overhaul and will transform into an area with major concessions, merchandise, big screen TVs, bars, tables, etc. This will likely be above court level. Whether that means the court is getting lowered or this area is raised is unclear.

At the center of this? The plan is to install the part of the actual court from the Final Four in Houston, which was donated by an alumni. An awesome touch.

On to the seating, which will still feature the 'quadrant' approach that exists today. No bowl, which again seems to be a limitation of the current footprint. No more bleachers, though, and regular seats will be installed.

The big change will be with the students. The current student section will be trimmed in size, with students being placed behind the opposite basket as well. We're not sure if they're equal in size, but it's good to have them behind both baskets.

Click here for all the details of the plans that got hold of.