Vince DeMentri has dropped his lawsuit against NBC10 and former colleague Lori Delgado. He also dropped his complaint with the state Human Relations Commission.

NBC10 issued a statement this morning, speaking of DeMentri in glowing terms:  "WCAU has amicably resolved its differences with Vince DeMentri. As a native of Philadelphia, Vince has made a terrific contribution to the station over the last five years. We wish Vince continued success in his career and know that his future employer, whether in his hometown or city of his choice, will benefit greatly from his journalistic skills and dedication to his craft."

DeMentri had alleged that he was fired in the summer because the station had learned that he and Delgado had a longtime affair and added that the station had unfairly fired him while not sanctioning Delgado.

Shortly before the firing, an NBC security officer called Lower Merion Township police to the station to investigate allegations that items were missing from Delgado's desk and her car was keyed in the parking lot. DeMentri was named in the complaint but was not charged. DeMentri has consistently denied any involvement.

DeMentri, 44, worked at NBC10 for five years and coanchored its Myphl newscast on Channel 17 with Delgado from December 2005 through September 2006. Delgado, 29, who started at the station in January 2005, most recently anchored the morning news on NBC10. She was last seen on the air Sept. 26.

Terms were not disclosed. Asked how much DeMentri received in the settlement, his attorney, Paul Rosen, said: "I am not permitted to disclose the amount, but Vince's primary goal was to restore his reputation, which was accomplished by the NBC statement. We are very satisfied with the settlement, which was in everyone's best interest."

Delgado, who has returned to her native New York, where she lives with her husband, could not be reached for comment. Her attorney, Eric Weitz, said: "Ms. Delgado is glad that she and Mr. DeMentri have resolved their differences and these unfortunate and unfair tabloid rumors can be put to rest."

Both DeMentri and Delgado are still seeking work opportunities.