Many Eagles fans might not like what's going on with their team now in the off-season, but at least they can clearly and concisely tell you that — or so says a recent study from the proofreaders at Grammarly.

So well, in fact, that that Eagles fans as a group have the third best grammar in the NFL.

Grammarly ranked every NFL outfit using a special algorithm to check reader comments from stories on each team's website for errors, later calculating how many mistakes per 100 words your average football fan is likely to make. And after almost 13,000 words scanned on average per team, they had their rankings.

Sadly (for them), Washington Redskins fans came in dead last for proper grammar usage, with 16.5 errors per every 100 words. But, then, they apparently also can't see how their team's name is a racial epithet, so perhaps some trouble with language fundamentals ought to be expected.

Conversely, fans of the Detroit Lions nabbed the top spot with just 4.2 grammatical errors per every 100 words. And for a city that has a public school system that's $350 million in debt and pleading for state assistance, that's pretty darn good.

With 5.2 errors per 100 words, however, Eagles fans took third place — just behind the Green Bay Packers' score of 5.1. Which, given how we are apparently still viewed as a city on a national level, is somewhat of a substantial victory. It's only a shame that that expertise doesn't correlate with actually winning games.

It should be noted that NFL fans are generally not great with their grammar. Overall, NFL fans make 9.9 mistakes per each 100 words, which puts them just ahead of NASCAR fans, who Grammarly says make 10.5 mistakes per 100 words.

How Eagles fans got so good at grammar, of course, is anyone's guess. But at least someone is willing to take the credit: