Let it be known that the Philadelphia Police Department wants to get you on its team, and it's willing to use Internet memes to do so — even if that meme is actually a '90s TV commercial.

As you can see above, the PPD settled on a recently viral 1991 longform commercial for the most patriotic of all steakhouses, Sizzler. Initially produced as a way to encourage potential franchise owners to take the plunge, the video has now found new life online as a recruitment method for Philly cops thanks to a little voiceover work.

"Yarr, I should've just become a Philadelphia cop," says one grizzled old fisherman in the video. "I never catch anything."

The result, as you probably can see, is something of a fever dream revolving around Philadelphia's need for quality officers. And, with the video uploaded to the PPD's official YouTube account on the country's unofficial pot holiday, 4/20, that probably isn't much of a coincidence.

And, no, PPD Detective/social media master Joe Murray wasn't behind it — or so he says:

But despite its jokey method of communication, the PPD is very much serious about recruitment. Around this time last year, Commissioner Charles Ramsey dropped the statistic that around half of recruited officers don't attend orientation, which precludes them from continuing the process of earning their badge.

"We have a large percentage of people, 50 percent, sometimes more, that don't show for orientation, even though they've been invited," Ramsey told CBS last year. "You can't get into the process if you don't show for the orientation."

Starting salary at the PPD is around $46,000, and it is currently accepting applications through its official site.

And, please, hurry — before they bring back "Gangnam Style."