Main Line-bred designer Tory Burch has culled together an impressive list of celebrities — everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Gwyneth Paltrow — to launch a global, girl-power #EmbraceAmbition campaign.

The initiative from The Tory Burch Foundation — a mix of fashion offerings, social-media strategies, and inspirational videos and tips — kicked off Wednesday morning to coincide with International Women's Day and Women's History Month, and is inspired by Burch's experience as a woman and entrepreneur. (Considering Burch's phenomenal success as the woman who made flats a comfortable fashion must-have, we all might want to pay attention.)

Her years in business showed her there are "systemic impediments to a woman's success; cultural mores are also to blame," Burch said in a press release. "That creates a harmful double standard that we must overcome in order to achieve equality."

The campaign includes a video that you can watch on YouTube and the website where some of our favorite A-listers (Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Sheryl Sandberg, Gayle King) address the double standards that exist around ambition: you know, the qualities that look like attributes in men but are seen as, well, bitchy, in women.

"We will take risks," Jamie Lee Curtis calmly declares.

"No longer will ambition on a woman be seen as a negative," Laila Ali proudly states.

Tell 'em, ladies.

(For the record, actor Chris Pine and software engineer Eric Schmidt are among the men featured in the video. )

As part of the campaign, website visitors will be invited to take a digital pledge to #EmbraceAmbition, challenge friends to take the pledge, and share their ambition on social media using the hashtag. There also will be content to help people with goal-setting, as well as interviews with successful women.

In addition, #EmbraceAmbition bracelets ($30) and T-shirts (between $35 and $68) with sayings like "CEO," "Powerful," "Mother," and "Strong," will be sold in Tory Burch and Tory Sport boutiques globally and online.  All the net proceeds from these products will benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs in the United States.