A lot of people got drunk on election night, some in glee, some in despair. And some only seemed drunk. Which was it, we at "SideShow" wonder, with Diane Sawyer, longtime ABC anchor? She seemed, shall we say, lit from within Tuesday night as she cohosted election coverage with George Stephanopoulos. Her speech was slurred ("President Barack Ora - Barack Obama"), she wandered, seemed on the verge of giggling, and she kept leaning forward on her arms like a stevedore calling for a double Rusty Nail and make it quick. Twitter, with customary lack of mercy, exploded. A hashtag, #DrunkDianeSawyer, sped around the Twitterverse. Some was trashily witty: "I get it! She's auditioning for the remake of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf!" An ABC rep said Diane was exhausted, as many of us truly are, after going from superstudly storm Sandy straight to Election 2012. (And now Nor'easter Athena!!!!!!)

Adele's life in black and white

Adele's gargantuan LP, 21, which had sold 25 million copies worldwide as of last month, might never have been were it not for the warbler's teenage mum, Penny Adkins, and her brave decision to keep her baby instead of seeking higher education.

"She fell pregnant with me when she would have been applying for uni[versity], but chose to have me instead," says Adele in Adele: The Biography, a slim volume (288 pages) by Chas Newkey-Burden, a Brit journo with 29 books to his credit.

Penny's resolve was tested again two years later when her soul mate - and Adele's da - Mark Evans dumped the two. Adele, 24, waves off talk that she has weight problems. "I've always been a size 14-16 and been fine with it," she says. "I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't."

Mariah Carey warbles for Obama

Mariah Carey tweeted many ecstatics Tuesday night upon President Obama's electoral victory. But the singer, who campaigned for the Dem, did so much more: She also unveiled the first official recording of a song, "Bring It on Home," she wrote for the president last summer.

"We just everyday people trying to make it through the pain," sings everyday Mariah. "Yet we intentionally hurt each other playing silly games. But when it comes down to win or lose, don't give up the fight. Strength is what we need, and love can save our lives."

Are you tearing up, too?

Minaj: I'll drink the Carey Kool-Aid

I'm no expert on nemesis etiquette, but this surely is against the rules: Nicki Minaj, official nemesis to fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey, tells E! News she'd tour with her nemesis if asked. "I think people would be interested in seeing that," Minaj says.

One forecaster gets it right

Of all the heroes and heroines on election night, few came out looking better than genius numbers-cruncher Nate Silver, who does the "FiveThirtyEight" blog for the New York Times. He has pioneered a careful, complicated method of assessing polls and trends. He got dissed by pundits, castigated by whoever didn't like his results. Guess what? Nate was pretty much on the nose. Good on you, man. Sales of his book The Signal and the Noise were up 850 percent on Amazon.com Wednesday.

Donald Trump acts out, Twitteringly

Donald Trump has been a beaut this election season. Ochreous, marshmallowy coif billowing in the breeze, Don-O has been questioning Obama's nationality and college records. But Tuesday night, when Obama had the temerity to get reelected, the Don-O did what any unregarded celeb would do: He tweeted on Twitter.

Even before the electoral results were in, Don-O called the election "a total sham and a travesty." After Obama won, Trump bleated, "Well, back to the drawing board!" Then he went and had a hemorrhage: "our nation is a once great nation divided" and "the world is laughing at us." He called for a "revolution in this country" and called the Electoral College "a disaster for a democracy." (Obama has not only an overwhelming lead in the electoral vote but also a close but decisive 2.5 million edge in the popular vote. Just sayin'.)

Enter Brian "No, Really, This Tan Is Real" Williams, NBC anchor. He showed some of Trump's tweets on TV, and said Don had "driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible." Trump deleted some of his nuttier rants, and then started tweeting - tirades at Williams! Some people need to have their Twitter taken away. Don-O and fellow billionaire Mark Cuban have been clashing 140-character barbs lately, too.

Putting the cute in

The new Gerber baby was announced by the baby-food makers Tuesday. She is kyooooot Mary Jane Montoya. She beat out 300,000 other cute entrants in a Facebook contest to choose the new face of the brand starting in 2013. And $50,000 will go into a college fund for her. The original Gerber baby, since 1928, is Ann Taylor Cook, 85, and she has met the new Mary Jane.

Election night TV ratings

Fewer citizens watched the presidential election coverage on TV this year than in 2008, a fact that has us in tears.

CNN led cable outlets, averaging 8.8 mil viewers, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Fox News Channel was a close second with 8.7 mil and MSNBC averaged 4.6 mil.

NBC topped the broadcast networks with 12.6 mil viewers, ABC was second with 11.1 mil, CBS was at No. 3 with 8.4 mil, and Fox was last with 5 mil.