Low-light conditions, a hopeless proposition with most little digital cameras, are a snap for

Sony's CyberShot DSC-WX1/B

. Redesigned sensors make for maximum exposure possibilities - great for twilight and night scenes and for shooting indoors.

Also, in Sweep Panorama Mode, it will shoot a burst of 10 photos as you press the shutter button and whirl around. Then it stitches the shots together to create a 256-degree panorama.

In video mode, the camera lets you zoom in and out and change the focus while filming - a rare feature in still cameras. The lens widens to 24mm, and the camera can shoot high-definition video - pretty amazing for a camera that's less than an inch thick.

Sony CyberShot DSC-WX1/B is $279.99 at www.sonystyle.com; 1-877-865-7669.

- Judi Dash