We expect a lot from our roll-aboards - a sturdy build, reliable wheels, maybe even a classy look. But can we expect an external laundry compartment, where dirty clothes can be stuffed and then reduced to minimum bulk via an integrated removable air-compression bag? What about an included toiletry kit, and designated pockets for socks, underwear, T-shirts, and other essentials? Might a sewn-in packing checklist remind us to take along key clothing, toiletries, electronic gear, and travel documents? How about an undercover umbrella slot with quick access? You get all of the above plus other storage support in the Genius Packer 22-inch, 4-wheel spinner carry-on bag. Add optional gizmos such as a portable battery pack that integrates into the bag, a mini-speaker with its own stashing nook, and a micro-travel umbrella designed to fit perfectly into its designated slot, and this whiz-kid case is good to go.