What do a chicken, a frog, and a bunny have in common?

They are among the creatures incarnated in the entertaining and practical shoulder bags and pouches from Zipit.

Each of these goofy-faced, brightly colored polyester bags is formed from one long continuous zipper that can be unzipped completely into its original useless state.  Why do that?  Because it's fun, and thus a great fidget-fixer for a traveling child — or, in my case, adult.

My favorite is a green 8-inch-square Frog Mini Shoulder Bag with big button eyes bulging from two attached floppy strips of matching zipper cloth. Entry is via the top, just like most zippered shoulder bags. A separate zippered front pocket is sewn into a 6-inch swath of the boss zipper. Unzip that pocket and out pops a long red zipper-fabric frog tongue, which is incorporated into the pocket's bright red lining. The adjustable shoulder strap is also made from a length of zipper — although it doesn't actually unzip.

Poultry anyone? Check out the 9-inch-wide by 6-inch-high bright yellow Chicken 3-Ring Binder Pouch, which has startled white and blue button eyes and loops of red zipper fabric added on for a comb and wattle.  The pouch opens diagonally at the front, just under the wattle, You can keep unzipping, in which case anything inside will fall out.

Zip on over to the company website to also find buck-tooth bunny bags and wacky monster-face packs and pencil cases.

 Zipit Animals Mini Shoulder Bags are $12.99; Animals 3-Ring Binder Pouches, $9.99; at just-zipit.com.