This week's letters respond to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding an Indiana law that requires voters in that state to show some form of photo ID.

It makes sense

IDs are required for just about everything that you do nowadays. It only makes sense that for one of the most important things we do for our country that we should be required to show our IDs and prove we are who we say we are.

Whatever it takes it should be required to show a form of ID when you vote. No one seemed to have a problem making it a law you have to show ID at the airport when you fly.

Glenda and John Cameron

Chadds Ford

Buying votes

It is essential to require valid voter ID to vote. It is required to fly, buy alcohol, see certain movies and even buy cigarettes. Democrats fear some may be disenfranchised for the lack of ID. That argument is laughable in light of recent Democratic Party actions that disenfranchised millions of primary voters in Florida and Michigan.

It is critical in Philadelphia to require strong ID because large amounts of cash in the form of street money is in the hand of Democratic Party loyalists for the purpose of "getting out the vote." Today it is very easy to purchase illegal votes. We must change that and restore confidence in its validity by requiring a trustworthy photo ID every time a vote is cast.

Pennsylvania should assist those without photo ID to procure solid evidence of citizenship and produce ID based on that solid evidence, such as birth certificate. Photo ID based on a gas bill is worthless.

Joe Loughran

Curtailing fraud

Voting should be as available and as easy as possible. And any way to curtail fraud and the old vote-early-and-often method is also important. Government-funded photo ID stations in centrally located banks, markets, mall storefronts and check-cashing stores could be an option.

We all deserve to have our vote count. And our government should certainly find the funds to foot the bill for this important proposed change in our system.

Deborah Kates