Energetic and outgoing, Juaira, 7, is very articulate and communicates easily. With her bright smile and great sense of humor, she radiates joy. Juaira likes to swim, go shopping, and watch cartoons on television.

Juaira delights in going any place where she can indulge her passion for physical activities, so she was thrilled to visit a family fun center recently. First stop was the rock climbing wall. Determined to conquer the wall, she tenaciously kept going until she almost reached the top.

In school, her favorite subjects are reading, writing and math. The oldest girl in her class, she has taken on the role of big sister to the younger students. Despite her age, she has already decided that when she grows up she will return to her day treatment program so she can help other children with their challenges. As to a career, she wants to be "a singer and a star."

Juaira also has definite ideas about what she would like in a "forever" family. "They would be nice and kind," she said. "When you get scared, they help you. Make you cheer up."