Angelica is a beautiful 12-year-old with brown eyes and brown hair. Friendly, playful and fun-loving, she gets along well with her peers and adults. A very personable young lady with an endearing smile, she quickly warms up when meeting new people. Pizza and ice cream are her favorite foods. She speaks English and Spanish.

Angelica is open to new experiences and is eager to try different things. She enjoys riding her bike, watching DVDs, working on the computer and helping others. In school, she receives special services to help her deal with emotional challenges resulting from the trauma she has experienced.

Through social activities and ongoing therapy, Angelica's self-esteem and ability to cope with stressful situations have significantly improved. In addition, she is learning to express her feelings more effectively.

Angelica needs an attentive, loving and emotionally supportive family that can give her the attention she craves. She would do well in a family with a strong, positive, nurturing female role model. She is very close to her sisters, who are in separate placements, and they should remain in touch. She is eligible for financial subsidy.