A pleasant 18-year-old with a broad smile and an indomitable spirit, Tyshon has overcome many obstacles resulting from injuries he received when he was struck by a van at age 6.

This teenager does not allow his physical challenges to keep him from an active lifestyle. An accomplished athlete, he has received a scholarship for being the "Best Athlete of the Year" at his school. He enjoys playing sports, participates in downhill skiing, and is actively involved in karate. He takes this martial art very seriously and will only train in a dojo - a school that teaches various forms of self-defense. Other favorite pastimes include reading and attending church. When he grows up, he would like to be a pastor. In school, he benefits from a personalized education program.

Tyshon has had many disappointments in his life. He needs a loving and committed permanent family to help him reach his potential. He is very close to his younger brother, Shondale (to be profiled next week), who resides in a separate foster placement. The ideal home for these siblings would welcome them both.