Anthony is an imaginative 12-year-old who enjoys painting and completing puzzles. Other interests include sports, music, video games, playing outdoors, riding his bike and being with his friends.

Anthony is an exceptional reader who performs above his grade level in several areas. His teachers describe him as a cooperative youngster who gets along with his peers and with adults.

Through therapy, special-education services and foster-home placement, Anthony is making progress in overcoming the behavioral and emotional challenges that are a result of the many separations and losses he has experienced in his young life.

Anthony understands what adoption means and he is eager to have a permanent home. He would benefit greatly from having patient, committed, loving adoptive parents who would engage in counseling and structured activities with him. He is very close to his sister, who is being placed separately, and it is vital that they remain in contact.

Anthony has a Lifebook - an ongoing record of his life, including photos, souvenirs, documents and other items, along with his comments. He looks forward to sharing it with "forever" family someday. He is eligible for financial subsidy.