Funny and outgoing, Amanda, 16, has many interests - shopping and talking on the telephone with her friends, playing cards, roller skating, and swimming.

Very active in her church, Amanda is a member of its choir, and her beautiful singing voice charms the parishioners. As a member of the prayer team she strives to help church members who need prayer to strengthen them in difficult times.

Amanda is in the 10th grade and does well academically. She enjoys participating in the school's track and field program and has taken up running as well as throwing the javelin and discus. She would like to be a cosmetologist or a nurse when she grows up.

Amanda has experienced many separations and losses and yearns to have a permanent family that will love her and will support her interests. Although she enjoys other children her own age, she would prefer to be the only child in the family. Amanda would enrich the lives of the family that adopts her. She is very close to her adult siblings and it is important that they stay in touch. She is eligible for financial subsidy.