Although she is barely into her teens, Tah'Jeria has ambitious plans for the future. The 13-year-old enjoys working with children and she is considering a career in nursing or education. She would like to travel to Barcelona, Spain, so she could learn the language and teach English to the children there.

Very friendly and personable, Tah'Jeria gets along well with her peers and adults and delights in meeting new people. Like many teenagers, her favorite pastimes include shopping and spending time with her friends. She also enjoys reading and singing in her choir.

Enrolled in seventh-grade special-education classes, Tah'Jeria excels academically and is passionate about science and reading. She takes pleasure in helping other students if they do not understand the classroom material.

Tah'Jeria needs what all children need - the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel that she belongs. She yearns for a permanent home and would thrive with a "forever" family that would love and support her. She is close to her siblings and it is important that they remain in contact. Tah'Jeria is eligible for financial subsidy.