New York - home of TV networks, the New York Times, great magazines and Columbia University - has long been considered a center of serious journalism.

Notice no mention of the New York Post.

As people debate whether FoxNews is a serious media outlet, the Post makes its position completely clear:

It's not.

Not even close.

"Gotham Trembles: The Frillies are coming to town!" the headline on today's front page declares.

Pictured is Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino in a skirt and legs that certainly aren't his.

"Their fans are second-rate & so is their city," a subhed on the Website says.

Check out the "evidence" in a story that, apparently, took three people to write.

Like: New York has the Statue of Liberty, Philly has cheesesteaks.

Didn't it take a long legal battle for New York to claim the statue from New Jersey?

Isn't New Jersey -- not New York -- where the so-called New York Giants and Jets play?

Second-rate fans?

Then why are World Series tickets selling for more in Philadelphia than at the Rebuilt House That Ruth Built?

Funny, but while Yankees fans filled only 88 percent of the seats in a brand-new stadium, Phillies attendance was 102 percent of its seating capacity at Citizens Bank Park.

Yes, Post, that's where the Phillies play.

Contrary to this fan you quote:

"If you've ever been to the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, you'd realize just how much worse Phillies fans are. You can't go to a game without getting booze thrown at you!"

The Phillies last played there six years ago.

After calling Philadelphians "uncultured," New York fans dish out remarks like this:

"The big meal there is a steak with cheese and onions on a hero, but they don't even call it a hero. It's a hoagie. What the hell is a hoagie?" said Ron Montclane, 26.

No mention of any of the fine restaurants in Philadelphia - not even the ones copied in New York.

Not that Post interviewees would know.

The trash talk gets laid on pretty thick - and maybe once or twice lands a clever punch.

"Their most famous athlete is Rocky, and he's fictional," said a building superintendent.

One problem: In the first movie, Rocky lost.

Last year, the Phillies won.

How'd those Yankees do in the playoffs recently?

"New York is all about being on top, with no excuses - just like the Yankees," one young woman says.


How about those Mets? No excuses?

The Knicks?

Remember, the Giants play in Jersey.

Anyway, it will all come to the players on the field - not newspaper nonsense.

If New York wins, go ahead brag.

But if the Phillies win, well, the Big Fruit really will be The Town That Never Sleeps.