A half-naked man who attacked a driver along South Columbus Boulevard early Sunday while claiming to be the messiah will not be charged with a crime, police said. Neither will the driver and passengers who fought off his blows, police said.

Police originally thought the 57-year-old man had been thrown from a car when they found him about 4 a.m. unconscious near Dickinson Street.

But after speaking with the man - who police say suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression - they said he told them he had become delusional after mixing a new medication with alcohol, ran into the street naked from the waist down, and banged on passing vehicles.

He told police he punched a 24-year-old man inside a black sedan. When that man got out of the car, the attacker threw another punch, but fell to the ground. He said he got up and went after the other people in the car, before the vehicle drove away.

Police found it and interviewed the occupants.

The man was treated for an injured lip at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.