DON'T YOU just wonder?

I mean the almost daily drip, drip, drip of bad news for Kathleen Kane at some point has to take her down the drain, no?

This latest issue, firing a top aide who testified against her in a grand jury probe of leaks to media from Kane's agency? Could it come at worse time? Could she have handled it worse?

I don't see how.

Chief Deputy Attorney General James Barker, by all accounts a capable, experienced prosecutor, was axed as Kane awaits possible criminal charges for her role in leaked grand jury material, allegedly in retaliation against another prosecutor with whom she's feuded.

The Inquirer reports the firing came despite a judicial protective order covering anyone who appeared before the grand jury investigating the leak. The judge who issued the order says it's still in effect. Barker says he's not ruling out suing over his dismissal.

It's possible, of course, he was fired for cause. Possible, but not probable. If there was cause you'd think Kane's office would say so.

But the initial reason given by Kane's office (which, by the way, now has gone through six press secretaries in two years) was for agency "restructuring" reasons and in no way related to Barker's grand-jury appearance.

But then came a second statement saying the firing is related to grand-jury leaks, which is exactly what got Kane in trouble. So, you know, more drips on the drain.

Seems like time to call a plumber, and finally fix the faucet.