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Sixers shouldn’t fire Brett Brown: He’s been the glue to this team, not the problem | Bob Ford

For the Sixers, putting the blame where it doesn’t belong would be anything but a change. That would be business as usual for a franchise blind to its own organizational weaknesses.


Eagles should bring back, not cast off, Alshon Jeffery | Bob Ford

They're going to spend the same either way. Might as well get something out of him.


After Joel Embiid embarrassed ownership, can the Sixers and their star center remain together? | Bob Ford

Embiid showed up team ownership when it tried to cut employees' pay. This relationship between the organization and Embiid has always been fractious.


Rowing against a tide that has washed away the Olympics | Bob Ford

Three Philadelphia-area rowers — Patrick Eble, Nick Mead, and Julian Venonsky — grapple with the delay of an Olympic dream.

Tokyo Olympics officially postponed until 2021 due to coronavirus

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad have been tentatively pushed to 2021, and the fondest hope is that the world will be safe enough to hold them when that time arrives.

U.S. Olympic Committee wants Tokyo Olympics postponed; IOC member says they will be, but it’s not official yet

The IOC took long enough, but recognized reality at last. Canada and Australia had already said they would not send a delegation.


In the time of virus, is the NFL a harsher world, too? | Bob Ford

It was an unusually wild start to free agency last week.


Want to take away our sports seasons? Take these. | Bob Ford

We'll trade some of what we've seen for what we haven't.


A sports week like never before | Bob Ford

There was no guide book to advise sports organizations how to respond to coronavirus epidemic.