Waking up to temps in the 30s really made it feel like winter this morning. But one positive of getting deeper into December: a high-stakes Christmas decoration contest and Center City bar crawl. That’s happening today, and you can find more details below.

We also have a couple of stories that could warm your heart. One of my colleagues writes about a shared meal between Amish people and refugees. Also, a Fishtown family adopted a malnourished stray dog that wandered into their home this weekend.

Ivan Beiler’s family has lived in the United States for centuries. Last weekend, he listened to a Somalian refugee talk about his new life in the U.S. Beiler, who is Amish; the refugee; and over 70 others ate together at Beiler’s farm in Strasburg, Pa. It was a cross-cultural exchange for the Amish, refugees, and the surrounding community.

“I can actually relate to their stories of moving here and trying to fit in, because we’re so different, too, and that’s the way it is,” Beiler, 54, told the crowd. “We are different, and you can feel that.”

When Pennsylvania’s political class landed in New York City recently for its annual gathering, there was a sort of void. It used to the “Johnny Doc” show. But John Dougherty, leader of Philadelphia’s powerful Electricians union, is under federal indictment for public corruption and misuse of union funds. He’s denied all charges.

Corruption scandals, insurgents targeting the Democratic City Committee, and the business community’s struggle to stay relevant have some political players saying there might be a political power vacuum developing.

General manager of Jose Pistola’s, Sara Walker, says she cuts paper snowflakes in July. She also says she’s spent about $2,000 this year to make handcrafted decorations. “It’s crazy, but I love it," she says.

Walker’s favorite day of the year is the Jose Pistola’s Smackdown Bar Crawl, which pits Center City bars against each other in a heated decorating contest. Today is the fifth iteration of the smackdown, and as tradition holds, a panel of Jewish beer reps and brewers will judge the event and declare the winner.

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“But what good is technically having Democratic control when that majority includes the likes of a waffling, weaselly politician such as Van Drew? His only allegiance has been to himself, Trump, and the conservative voters he thinks can help him win in 2020.” — Rachel Kramer Bussell, a voter from Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s district and the treasurer of the Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club, writes about Van Drew’s switch to the Republican Party.

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Jack and Emily Jokinen found a malnourished stray dog in their Fishtown home over the weekend. The dog had damaged teeth, fleas, no vaccinations, and a pad missing on her feet, Jack tweeted. They found out the dog was 9 years old and decided to take her in. “We’re going to turn this negative into a positive for the holiday season," he said.