Delaware County has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases. And Pennsylvania as a whole is continuing to see an upward trend in confirmed cases. The commonwealth has averaged more than 900 new cases a day over the last seven days. That’s more than double the 400 a day it was averaging around the middle of June. In Philadelphia, officials have instructed residents to avoid visits to the Jersey Shore and extended the city’s ban on indoor dining.

The Philadelphia School District had planned for a hybrid model of in-person and online instruction to start this fall. But after the original plan sparked fierce opposition, the city’s public school students will now not return to classrooms until at least Nov. 17.

Under the new plan, the school year would begin fully virtually in September. In contrast, the old plan would have brought most students back to school two days a week. After impassioned calls from principals, parents, and teachers, and a public rally for fully virtual schooling, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. withdrew that plan.

There was more fallout yesterday from the coronavirus outbreak within the Miami Marlins that began with their games in Philadelphia over the weekend. While players on the Marlins have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days, the rapid-response tests taken by the Phillies have, at least so far, come back negative, my colleague Scott Lauber reports.

The Phillies were supposed to play the Yankees in Philadelphia this week, but the makeup dates for those games haven’t been determined. The Marlins remained in quarantine at a Center City hotel early this week and won’t play again until Tuesday night, according to MLB. Their scheduled opponent? You guessed it: the Phillies.

In interviews with my colleague William Bender, women at the Air National Guard Station in Horsham described a frat-boy atmosphere where rape jokes are tolerated, the beer steins have images of naked women, and a high-ranking pilot’s “call sign” was a reference to a man ejaculating inside a woman.

Many of those interviewed blame the base’s top officer, Col. William Griffin, who was accused of leading a “vindictive culture of unprofessional retaliation,” according to a congressional memo written by a male officer on the base.

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“There are few prospects more nightmarish than losing one’s home and possessions with a few minutes’ notice. Evictions lead to homelessness and poverty, and break up communities. When the eviction is sudden, the move is more disruptive, and the ripple effects go even further — harming individuals and costing the city.” — writes Abraham Gutman of the Inquirer Editorial Board about Philly’s troubled eviction system.

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Christa Barfield is an urban farmer and owner of FarmerJawn Greenhouses in Elkins Park. This summer, she created a community-supported agriculture (CSA) business called FarmerJawn after experiencing her first CSA during a trip to the Caribbean. “Being from Philly, FarmerJawn was just it for me. Once you hear it you can’t forget it,” Barfield said about the name. “Though sometimes I do have to tell people it’s not Farmer John.”